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Project Description
LRE makes it easier for developers to leverage Microsoft's ReportViewer WinForms control by providing a generic data engine for the reports. You'll no longer have to parse the RDL files and extract and execute queries yourself. It's developed in C#.

Using LRE
To use LRE, add the LocalReportViewer control to your form and load a report and data. You can then go and refresh the report, which will render it. If all your report references is external data then you're set! LRE will attempt to connect and query the external data sources for you.

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

Report and query parameters are currently unsupported - the current iteration of LRE is capable of showing simple reports with external data requirements only. See Contributing for more information.

The issue tracker shows features that need to be added - later releases will incorporate these features. If you need a feature or extra functionality sooner, post a comment or vote in the issue tracker.

You can contribute to this project by submitting patches for new features or bug fixes. Anybody is welcome to review the source code and give me feedback on the program's architecture and code flow.

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